Thursday, April 02, 2015

Abaya, DOTC, Corruption Not A Great Combo

MRT-3 riders and the people don’t have any idea, as in none, how much has been spent on supposed repairs and rehab.  Anybody correct me if I’m  wrong b but to date, the mrt management has never given a public breakdown  of what particular repairs or rehabilitation works must be done and how much will each cost, before they increased fares sky-high. Passengers and the public as a whole do not know anything on what repairs or rehab works have been done, if indeed anything has or is being done.

In other word there is no guarantee that the MRT price increase really went to the intended project . It wasn’t just stolen from us. Until know the difficulty for the passengers still continue not just on the increase but on the constant service interruptions of the train,its services and even the facilities. Is this the road to the straight path?

Is Abaya hiding something from the public? your guess is as good as mine. But it is a fact that DOTC is synonymous with corruption! Another fact, Jun Abaya is now perceived by many as a new rising lord of personal corruption and theft for immoral reasons.

These MRT-3 glitches and so is the planned rehabilitation of its system will forever be a great vision for the government. The only way to accomplish this is for the government to have a political will to stop corruption at all cost. The DOTC head is a corrupt man who takes pleasure in cheating the government through shady MRT-3 contracts; stealing money from DOTC itself. how true is the rumor I heard that you Abaya is fueling 'grease money' to be used as fund for Roxas in the coming Presidential election in 2016. My goodness, where do you get the courage to do such thing?

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