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For years, a mother’s understanding of her child’s brain development solely depends on the child’s test scores. Coming from this belief, the other vital components of honing a child’s psychological, physical and social needs are overlooked. This has led to a new model of thinking called the theory of Multiple Intelligence, in which intelligence is no longer limited to just the IQ.

According to Dr. Thomas Armstrong, renowned learning expert, the theory of Multiple Intelligence acknowledges that a child’s intelligence is multi-faceted. Some would be people-smart or having the skill to deal with other people. Others would be body smart exhibiting excellence in athletics and sports, while there are  some who are brain-smart, which is the most recognized (and often misconstrued as the only) form of intelligence.

The concept of Multiple Intelligence is already being adapted and integrated in the curriculum of modern schools. Experts believe that with this new model of thinking, children have a better chance of being achievers in and out of the classroom. Wyeth Nutrition, through Progress Pre-School GOLD, is a staunch supporter of parents who want to equip their children with tools necessary for a bright and successful future.
Because of this advocacy, Progress Pre-School GOLD recently hosted an interactive exhibit for children aged 4-7 years old at the SM Mall of Asia Main Mall Atrium (August 17-18) and at the EDSA Shangri-La Mall Activity Center (September 7-8). Make the Shift: The Multiple Intelligence Experience has provided participants with a unique learning environment and a roster of educational activities that aimed to help stimulate the child’s multiple intelligence.

“We understand the importance of holistically developing every aspect of a child’s growth, especially in this important stage of his life. When children are in the ages of 4-7 years old, they start to get exposed to and learn from other venues like the community and the school. Parents must recognize that success is not only determined by high grades. A child must be prepared for his success and be able to excel in mental challenges, physical demands and social interactions,” explains Rachel F. Tongson, Wyeth Nutrition Senior Product Manager.

The concept behind Multiple Intelligence was further established in the event through its partnership with the global leader in classes for kids, Gymboree Play and Music. Gymboree has shared its expertise in providing appropriate activity stations and expert teachers to assist young learners and their parents in understanding what it takes to be brain smart, body smart and people smart.

For Brain Smart, the Gymboree teachers engaged the children through an interactive storytelling and brought them into the colorful world of nature. This activity aimed to trigger the children’s imagination and at the same time, aimed to teach them concepts of science, math, colors, shapes and movement.

For Body Smart, the teachers guided the children to complete an obstacle course. The young participants went through the bouncy castle float to get their bat for a motion-detected baseball simulation game. This portion of the exhibit aimed to help develop the child’s eye-hand coordination, balance and aiming skills to achieve a homerun.

For People Smart, a fun teamwork activity was set to challenge the groups to cooperate with their respective groups in completing an image flashed on the screen. The children planned, strategized, executed and interacted with one another. The ability to do problem solving and work well with others was critical to accomplish the task.

After going through all of the three stations, the Gymboree teachers handed out the performance cards of the children while the parents were oriented on the importance of Multiple Intelligence development in children 4 to 7 years of age.

“Only Progress Pre-School GOLD has the GOLD Biofactors System, a unique combination of nutrients expertly designed to support the multiple areas of a child’s development – brain, vision, body, digestive and immune system. Progress Pre-School Gold is a good tasting, nutritious powdered milk drink designed to complement a healthy diet for children ages 4 years and older. Both moms and kids will love it,” said Wyeth Nutritionist Jong Icasiano.

Progress Pre-School GOLD is a growing-up milk expertly designed to meet the nutritional needs of children 4 to 7 years of age. Progress Pre-School GOLD has always been at the forefront of pioneering innovations for a child’s health and development. The science behind the milk is the GOLD Biofactors System, a unique combination of nutrients working together to support the multidimensional areas of a child’s development. The nutrition found in Progress Pre-School GOLD plays a crucial role in the development of the multiple intelligence of a child.

References: “In Their Own Way, Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Multiple Intelligence” by Dr. Thomas Armstrong and “Field Guide Welfare” by J.S. Rycus / R.C. Hughes

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