Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pampers launches Baby Yoga routine to boost Baby Development

We were invited to attend a Pamper's event and I was so excited. I think I was more excited  than Adee .To be totally honest I've always wanted to take Adee to Gymboree. I found it to be wonderfully colorful, varied, child focused, safe and clean. There are slides, stairs, balls, ramps, bubbles, monkey bars.

From what I found out the classes are leveled and each week the gym’s set-up supports new developmentally appropriate skills. What really makes the child class interesting are the teachers. To be a Gymboree teacher there has to be  something special about the teachers. There are some people that are just meant to be around children! The mood, music and feel of the class is so positive and enjoyable. Thank you Gymboree for  making Adee's week so much fun.

 Parents discovered a new way to bond and help their baby get a healthy start in life through a fun and hip new exercise routine unveiled at the Pampers Yoga Stretchyise press launch.

Developed through a partnership of baby experts – Pampers, the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) and Gymboree Play and Music, Pampers Yoga Stretchycise is a fun playtime routine that combines yoga moves with stretching which will help encourage the development of baby's mind and body.

Participants were treated to a first-hand demonstration of these simple exercises that encourage baby movement and active play, which is essential for babies at this stage of their development. The first two years of life is when a child’s brain is growing fastest and before a child can speak, movement is the most important way for them to explore and learn about their social and physical environment and develop new skills.

“The Active Baby Stage is really a period for developmental achievement and intellectual growth. It’s a time of intense exploration of the environment as children attempt to find out how things work,” said MCNAP President Estelita Galutira.

This is further confirmed by the U.S. National Association of Sports and Physical Education who states that “current research confirms that the physical activity of infants and young children is an important component of early brain development and learning. Positive early movement experiences increase the infant’s chances of achieving full developmental potential throughout life.”
And one way to encourage movement is through the new Pampers Yoga Stretchycise. The series of exercises was inspired by baby yoga, which offers quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch, voice and deep relaxation.

“Baby Yoga is a great way to encourage active play which is important because at this stage, the pre-schoolers and below, their way of learning is to play. The Pampers Yoga Stretchycise helps encourage your baby’s development by maximizing body movement.” said baby yoga instructor, Maritoni Tordesillas.
Through the high quality attention they receive, yoga helps babies learn to interact with others and play actively, either with their parents or with other children in the classroom like environment. Physical benefits for the baby include helping his neural development, motor skills and balance aiding in digestion and giving him enough activity to sleep more deeply.

Free to play all day with new Pampers Active Baby with Elastic Sides.

  Crawling, tumbling, walking… when your baby hits 9 - 18 months, it seems he’s always in motion. You see, that’s how he learns all about the world – by exploring and investigating everything around him. But with all that bending and turning, research shows that baby’s tummy can actually stretch up to 5 cm! That’s why he needs a diaper that not only fits just right but can stretch and move with him - like Pampers Active Baby. It has elastic sides that expand and contract, following baby’s body shape. Combine that with absorbency that lasts up to 12 hours and you have a diaper that gives baby the comfortable fit he needs to play and learn all day!  Now available at supermarkets nationwide.

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