Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Second Honeymoon

We're celebrating our 10th year of marriage this coming July. Since we've never had an official honeymoon. I'd like to think that we're entitled to having one.

As a married couple I feel like we need to make it a priority to take a honeymoon this year or so. Sometimes it can be a long romantic weekend or a trip to Myrtle Beach Resort. 

But If we're to take a trip to go to Myrtle Beach Resorts I really think that we need to have some ground rules.

  •  Leave the kids behind-- Yes we will be leaving the kids behind so that we can really have fun and enjoy our Second Honeymon.

  • Plan the vacation together. Expressing your expectations is crucial to making the trip a memorable one.If I pick the location he has to take care of our Myrtle Beach Accomodations
  • I want to  make the renewal of vows a  part o your second honeymoon; many resorts can help you arrange the complete details.

  • Note to self  don't over-schedule our time. Keep it relaxing and feel free to do what you want when and where you want to do it.

  • We will not use the honeymoon to solve problems in our relationship -- or expect the time away to erase problems.
Most of all we need to our sense of humor: Travel plans can go awry, and starting a journey off with patience, understanding, and a good laugh can put our marriage on the right track.

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