Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Trinoma Cinema

A Blockbuster Hit

Moviegoers Prefer TriNoma Cinemas

In the business of cinema, film enthusiasts don’t just line up for the movie itself, but for the theatre as well.

No matter how well the film is crafted, optimal viewing pleasure is equally dependent on where you watch it. Gone are the days when a big screen is enough. Discriminating moviegoers are looking for other elements such as good interiors, superior image and sound quality, and a venue that complements their dynamic lifestyle. Given these, it comes as no surprise that TriNoma emerged as their preferred cinema.

“When TriNoma opened in 2007, it was meant to become a point of convergence in Northern Metro Manila. We are very well aware that watching movies is one activity that brings people together so we took pains to make sure that we bring competitive cinema entertainment that appeals to our market,” explains TriNoma General Manager Mark Sablan.

Conveniently located near an MRT station and catering to the diverse Quezon City market comprised of students from big universities, corporate executives and even celebrities, TriNoma Cinemas’ patrons expanded from those living nearby to denizens from all over Metro Manila.

With seven cinemas to choose from, there are different reasons why movie lovers just keep on going back show after show to TriNoma Cinemas. Reserving a seat can be easily done through Utmost comfort is guaranteed because cinemas have wide leg room and special reclinable lounge chairs are available at Cinemas 3, 4 and 7. For foodies, TriNoma’s cinema floor provides access to a number of food establishments who can deliver their choice of munchies right to their seats.

In terms of technology, TriNoma Cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art theatre systems. Six cinemas are equipped with Dolby surround sound and Cinema 7 is one of the six movie theatres in the Philippines that are

THX certified. And now, the newly upgraded TriNoma Digital 3D Cinema (Cinema 4) promises to bring a new level of movie entertainment underscored by exciting realism of vivid and rich images.

“All eyes are on TriNoma Cinemas. Being a preferred cinema is both an honor and a responsibility. We at TriNoma are dedicated to giving Filipino moviegoers something new to look forward to,” ends Sablan.

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