Monday, May 22, 2006

Scrapbook Event

I was able to go to the Scrappin Mania event
organized by the Scrappin Moms. The event
was a huge success.. Scrap heaven sya there
were 9 sellers and they all had a field day
kasing daming tao dumating and daming
bumili. May mga seminars and lectures
sila. Madami ring sumali sa scrap challenge.
Sumali din ako and I will be posting my
work soon. It was my first time to use
a hinge on my work and okay pala sya gamitin.
Although di ako nanalo okay lang naman
din kasi some of the winners ka e-group ko.
It was fun to be able to join and see
my scrapbook friends after a loonnnng hiatus.

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