Thursday, May 25, 2006

I AM so tired.. I went to school to get my Transcript na
di ko rin nakuha kasi kailangan nila ang marriage contract ko..

I HAVE to go back to school again tomorrow and have
to go to PRC next week..

I WISH that Joshwa and I could go to the US
to be with Philbert before my birthday

I HATE it that i have to do all this paperwork
for my board exam nang last minute.

I MISS Philbert so much and Andrea I think about her all
the time

I FEAR that if we don't leave soon Joshwa might
not even recognize his dad.

I LOVE Philbert and Joshwa

I AM NOT going to stop scrapbooking..

I DANCE when i'm really really drunk.

I SING when I feel like it.. Much to the disgust of
those around me (hahahhaa)

I CRY at the wrong times... which is weird I don't cry
pag galit ako or may masakit.Mas naiiyak pa ako pag
napapanuod ko na may natulungan si Oprah or when
I watched Vilma Santos's episode sa MMK that episode
really touched a raw nerve

I WRITE when i feel like it..

I SHOULD be calling Joshwa's school to re-schedule
the Parent Teacher Meeting that's suppose to be on Monday

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