Monday, April 03, 2006

Nagsisimula na magsalita si Joshwa. Kakatuwa
talagang sobrang na-appreciate ko yung effort nya
(sa mga PBB fans familiar ang line na yan kanino
kaya galing yan?)

My name is (clear ito) Oshwa Papapapas instead
of Joshwa Pagaspas. Kakatuwa marinig kasi he
really says it with pride.

His diagnosis is from Autism to
PDD(Pervasive Developmental Disorder)

Pervasive developmental disorder-
not otherwisespecified (PDD-NOS) is the current
“general” diagnosis for many disorders on the
Autism Spectrum, including autism, Asperger’s Syndrome,
Rhett’s Syndrome and childhood disintegrative
disorder. Sometimes, a physician will use the term
PDD-NOS when there are recognizable “autistic-like”
characteristics being displayed in an individual, but
the testing is inconclusive or incomplete to meet the
criteria for a more specific diagnosis. In addition,
some physicians will use the term PDD-NOS
because of attitudes/stigma attached to the word “autism.”

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