Saturday, September 04, 2004


Sorry for not updating this blog.. We actually went through a Marital Crisis last week. There were so many issues that came up that caught me off guard. Then we talked about most off the things that happened in the last couple of days. But as we were resolving things. He dropped a bombshell on me that I didn't expect. He then told me that he really didn't want to migrate at all. He loves his job and here and can't see himself starting again.I told him not to say NO right away kasi matagal pa naman kami ma-approve so it might take us a few years before we can leave.But in the end someone had to give in and it was me. Haaayyyy!! I hope I can change his mind.. Say in 10 years.

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Vintage Star said...

sorry about your crisis. but you're right, he shouldn't say no to canada, at least give it some thought. you'll be surprised at how many pinoys are there - you might feel at home after all. i think i have more friends there than here in the bay area. it's good to have options. but i know it can be a sensitive topic, maybe as the 'padre de familia' he feels that he's not providing enough that's why you considered migrating to canada. it's no big deal really, when you get approved and find you really don't want to leave, just stay. or you could take a trip there and feel the vibe. don't know if you know him already, but junnie's a great example: good luck and hope you don't go through any more crisis.