Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Buy a GENIE Hand Shower and help a child access basic sanitation.

SHOWER FOR GOOD happened in Manila, Philippines on December 15, 2018 and it did what it set out and intended to do which is a lot of good.

Together with Mumbai, Bangkok and Jakarta, Manila witnesses and gets the chance to participate in a benefit sale where all of the sales proceeds of 1000 American Standard GENIE hand showers will be donated to LIXIL-UNICEF “MAKE A SPLASH” Program. While the proceeds in India are for donation to the UNICEF India Wash Program, the sales generated from Manila will go to benefit disadvantaged children in the Philippines and worldwide, who have no access to clean water and basic sanitation.

Fittingly named ‘Shower For Good’, consumers who buy a GENIE Hand Shower will be able to enjoy a great shower experience and at the same time help children live healthier lives, by enabling their communities to provide for basic sanitation and clean water.

As the world’s biggest player in water technology, LIXIL leverages its expertise as it teams up with UNICEF, who works in over 100 countries worldwide to improve access to clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices. Through Make A Splash, the two organizations aim to promote local sanitation markets, by creating demand for sanitation products like toilets, improving the supply of such products, and supporting opportunities for affordable finance.

How else can P595.00 get you a stylish, smart hand shower even as the price you pay for it is earmarked, 100% for donation to a fund that will help free children from the global sanitation crisis. That’s the special price tag of  American Standard GENIE Hand Showers as they will be sold at this specially discounted price, on this one-day only sale.

Placing comfort, hygiene and aesthetics at its forefront, the award-winning American Standard GENIE Hand Shower boasts better water pressure performance because of an especially designed water channel and 120 micro spray holes that ensure a robust water flow, even under a low pressure. In addition, users can also look forward to a visibly clean shower experience. Sporting a rarely seen translucent shower face, GENIE Hand Shower is also revolutionary in its product design that prompts users to clean the slime and mineral deposits to ensure they are getting clean water for their shower session even after long-time use.
With the support of every one that was involved, the benefits of a great shower can extend not just to you and your family, but to a child whose life may be changed for good. The ‘Shower For Good’ event will help give disadvantaged children access to an appropriate toilet. Toilets are proven to help boost children’s survival rates, make communities healthier and more productive, and even improve a child’s chances of attending school.
By 2021, the LIXIL-UNICEF ‘Make A Splash’ program will have contributed to global efforts to improve basic sanitation for 250 million people around the world. UNICEF and LIXIL, together with the help of its consumers and customers are improving sanitation around the world, one toilet at a time.

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