Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Top Ten Reason Why You Should Vote For My Presidential Bet

Barely a week from now the country’s most awaited election is happening. The 2016 Presidential Election is by far the most heated one in the Philippine Electoral history. We each have our bet and some voters even goes beyond the boundary of promoting his/her own presidential bet. And though we each have our own choices, let me tell you reasons why you should vote for my candidate.

1. He is steadfast in his commitment to improve more the education system in the country. He will be most efficient as a leader and his high standard will demand that his people will always give high performance.
2. His China policy will sooner or later smoothen out differences between our country and China with no outside influences
3. He will be tougher on the issues of local insurgency. Local terrorism has been a problem since the 1950’s and no President
4. My Presdentialbet is confident and self-assured enough that he can wade his way in to the tumultous polical situation in our country. He has been in politics long enough to know the ins and out of it.
5. He is the only one, among today’s presidential bet who is capable to bring about measures that can efficiently deal with whatever is wrong in our country.
6. His track record of good governance
7. He is a unique non-traditional politician
8. A true Filipino, he will be loyal to everything that will make this country great again.
9. With his hard stance, he can be a perfect go-between and despite mistakes done in the past he can navigate his way and can convince many to follow his way and goals.
10. He will single handedly eliminate the drug problem in the country. It has been a threat in our society for decades now and only someone with no fear can take that problem.

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