Saturday, November 07, 2015

Philam Life Balikbayani Program

Philam Life’s BalikBayani Program is a financial literacy program designed to help the Overseas Filipino (OFs) and their families secure their future through sound financial planning. Through the BalikBayani Program, OFs and their families will be able to understand the financial planning process and the challenges they face in various life events or stages. 
The process begins with educating them up to the time they decide to take action – that is, developing and implementing a financial plan, and taking action in finding solutions that will address their specific financial needs.

Philam Life recognizes how important overseas Filipinos are to their families, and why it is important for them to stay protected at all times. By joining the BalikBayani Program, OFWs like you are entitled to receive a free personal accident coverage worth P25,000.00 valid for 30 days from the time coverage takes effect.

What do you need to do?
1. If you are in the Philippines, fill out our BalikBayani sign-up form.
2. You will receive an email from us, asking you to confirm your information.
3. Reply to validate your email address, and answer some questions to process coverage.
4. We will inform you via email once your coverage takes effect.
5. Enjoy 30 days of coverage, absolutely free.
What if I am not in the Philippines now?
If you are not yet in the Philippines, you have the option of assigning your free personal accident coverage to an immediately family member in the Philippines. To do this, when you reply to their email to validate your email address, simply choose the option assign coverage to my dependent, and they will process the coverage in his/her name. Assigned dependent must meet the eligibility requirements.
Summary of Benefits
• Any active overseas Filipino worker or his immediate family member*, in good health, actively performing the normal chores of life, ages 18-65
*If married, spouse or children. If single, parents or siblings.
• Accidental Death (AD): P25,000.00
• AD provides the coverage amount if the insured dies within 180 days from the date of an accident.
Provides 24 hour coverage, worldwide
Beneficiary Designation
• Benefits, if any, are payable to the person or persons surviving the insured in the following order of preference:
(a) Legal Spouse and Children
(b) Parents
(c) Brothers and Sisters
(d) His Estate

Philam Life’s BalikBayani Pasalubong Package is a comprehensive financial program that offers education, investment, retirement, protection and health plans that will address the financial needs of overseas Filipino families. Through the BalikBayani Pasalubong Package, the overseas Filipinos will be able to give their families a more meaningful pasalubong than a simple balikbayan box. Below are the plans included in the BalikBayani Pasalubong Package:
Bright Future Invest: Pasalubong para sa Pag-aaral ng mga Anak
Money Tree: Pasalubong para sa Pinag-iipunang Negosyo
Moneyworks: Pasalubong para sa Maginhawang Kinabukasan
Family Provider: Pasalubong para sa Panatag na Kalooban
Health Invest: Pasalubong para sa Kalusugan

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