Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Step Down Abaya

It's so sad when you hear a government official who is supposed to be protecting the interests of the common man like DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya bluntly say Traffic is not fatal. The mess in traffic and the breakdown in the transport system may not be fatal but it's something that could have been prevented. Like in the case of the MRT if Sumitomo is incharge then MRT would not have been in this mess in the first place. They want to take the MRT from the private owners but it's a cesspool for corruption. They increased the fare for the MRT and yet the services have gone from bad to worse.

It's easier from Mr Abaya to say that hey folks it's not fatal because he doesn't have to endure all of this maybe he has a driver and works from the car or he sleeps whatever. My point in all of this is that it's easier for him to say this things and dissmiss the suffering of others because he's rich. He doesn't go through the worries of the common man. He doesn't have to worry that he'll be late for work because the MRT broke down. 

Doesn't he realize that because of their carelessness  everyone has to suffer?. He doesn't even show compassion for other people with this kinds of statements he shows to us that he doesn't really care. I don't know if he is jaded or he is just thinking that his term will soon be over . So let the next one finish the mess that he created. Why is he even there in the first place isn't he sick of people lambasting him and telling him how inefficient he is( will never say that he is effective in his post anyway) Why doesn't he resign and find someone who can do better?

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