Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Bloody Truth

The bloody truth about the Mamasapano debacle is that we are exposing our brave men and women in uniform to extremely dangerous situations without the proper equipment and logistics, and under very awkward conditions. Imagine the need to coordinate and seek clearance from other armed groups before you could carry out your COVERT operations. That requires rewriting the dictionary.

This hearing will only lengthen the blame - game and finger pointing. At the end of the day, nobody will be persecuted. After the Bali massacre, all civilized nations pledged to capture/kill Marwan and his associates, at " ALL COSTS", no matter what. Unfortunately, our gallant SAF men were they one who paid the ultimate price, and they performed their duty without hesitation or regret

I guess the hearing should center on criminal liabilities of those who planned the mission. Especially the recently resigned Purisima who gave orders to the SAF chief despite on suspended status. PNoy cannot be asked to attend the hearing since he has immunity though he is the commander in chief who approved the mission accomplished but resulted to the death of 44 SAF members due to lapses and non coordination of the PNP and AFP to help the SAF.

I will be closely watching the questions pose by the legislators. Judging from the past hearing (DAP, PDAF, and the Binay corruption scandal). It seems that they Senators and Congressmen was not really after the truth but will do anything to make sure that PNOY is clear of any and all accountability.

 Some of the questions I would like to ask are the following:
For Napenas: 1. Before the mission on January 24, when was the last time you spoke with Gen Purisima? What was the conversation about? 2. Besides giving you the intelligence packet, did Purisima spoke to you of anything about the mission? Is yes, what were they? 3. When did Purisima ordered you not to tell General Espina your superior in command of PNP at the time about the mission until you are in the area? 4. Why you did not coordinate with the AFP prior to launching the mission so they could have their troops ready in case you need them?

By the way the senate should contempt Triallianes who absolved Purisima on media interviews because he doesn't think that Purisima planned the  covert operation.

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