Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MRT Crossroads

The Metro Rail Transit Corporation expresses concerns on the purchasing of new trains which are scheduled to arrive next year may not be compatible with the system. MRTC Chairman Robert John Bob SobrepeƱa says the DOTC has kept them out of the loop in MRT Holdings operations. He adds, they were not consulted on the purchase of the new trains.

MalacaƱang is quick to rally, defend, coddle (pick any of those that will all work just the same) behind embattled Transportation and Communications Secretary Jun Abaya.Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda affirmed that Abaya is ready to clear his name on the alleged anomalous Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 contract although he would not be compelled to go on leave pending the investigation by the Ombudsman. But still to be tagged  as Abaya corruption you should have delicadeza to resign.
According to him this is another arena where Secretary Jun Abaya will be willing and ready to face whatever accusation is hurled against him. Why can’t he do it now? Why will he have to wait til he is asked to do so?

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales recently ordered a preliminary probe on Abaya and other transportation officials for the allegedly anomalous maintenance contract for the MRT 3. Abaya has promised to face the Ombudsman probe similar to his readiness to cooperate with past congressional inquiries.

One does not know what kind of management style especially in MRT3 operation and maintenance wants to show and prove to us. So many contractors spread out to perform different operational and maintenance functions for one single facility is beyond comprehension. Whose particular idea this is, I hope did not come from Mar Roxas or Abaya because this is not a normal management decision. Who will be responsible if things go wrong? Will any of those contractors own any fault or will they not pass the blame on one another?  I am afraid another kind of playing his dirty blame game will be expected if the DOTC hierarchy will not change this stupid decision. Sounds familiar in this administration.

This is among the reasons why I oppose a 2nd term for Aquino. He is not an effective President at all when it comes to disciplining his own ranks and telling them what to do. He is such a loyalist to a fault at the expense of his "bosses". He does not know when to put his foot down and order his people to do the right thing.

PNoys loyalty to his friends begins and stays as his loyalty to the people ends. Are there no other competent Pinoy among the 100M who can run DOTC, and many more agencies?

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