Monday, August 04, 2014

SONA 2014

I  just had the time to read the full text of   Station of the Nation Address .In my opinion if you are running your own business in fairness the report on Economy; "nagkamit tayo ng investment grade status", is true, institutional investors as to where I'm at now in this part of the country I'm pretty much convinced that our economy is okay with relatively low risk on trading & agriculture.

 Benigno S. Aquino should stop saying 'Minana' --- that's a very good tell-tale sign that he lacks the ownership and accountability to move this country by effecting real reforms. All that he does is attribute defect, failure, and blame to the past administration; this is indicative of how immature, unprofessional, and unbecoming of a leader he is. A real leader does not blame, a real leader proactively works to change what's wrong without throwing rhetorical asides. He is stuck in the past and this has hampered him from making any felt progress because he devotes all of his time to shame his political enemies, in the guise of administering justice. Of course, that's not to say that I don't appreciate that he runs after the corrupt , can we also work on the other equally important aspects of government? SONA2014 The true State of the Nation is not the SWS survey, not the NSO survey, not any survey in this country. The real State of the Nation is --- the ordinary Filipino who has been striving to survive, day in and day out, because of the rising prices of goods and utilities. To be honest with you, I have felt nothing in PNoy's administration --- only higher transportation fares, water prices, and electricity bills. And that's the true State of the Nation.

PNoy should really just stop pretending that he is different from GMA, when he sounds exactly like her, speaks of the state of the nation the way she always has. we should also just stop expecting more from him, even more so putting words in his mouth: the stand on responsible parenthood IS NOT a pro-reproductive health stand.

PNoy only chose to see his pork loving KKK and friends, and tried to throw bones to the dogs eat dogs masses by calling them boss kuno and maybe believing that the majority of the voters will just forget everything when another piece of bone will be given in exchange of their votes. So he must fight for Pork Barrels, as they needed them for more bones. And to add insult to an already suffering people, his cohorts in both chambers clapped vigorously in wanton jubilation.

I wish what were laid and brought up were true and wish these could be sustained and carried over by the next generations of administrations. Yes, let us join hands and work these out together. Nothing could really be impossible for a truly united Filipinos.

Clean up and sweep away the TRAPOS! We knew who are those. Stay awake and be braver than ever for your children and their children's children! No more grandstanding, just work, work, work, work and more work for the betterment of the Filipino people!


papaleng said...

Though 'sober' si Pnoy sa speech compared to the other past SONA na puro 'tira' sa critics nya ang punto. I can't wonder why on Earth he keeps on bragging about his achievements. Better for me, He should apologize for the fiasco that DAP brought.

Fernando Lachica said...

He didn't mention some points that needs to be solved. More of it comes from his past achievement and future
projections that it may or may not be worked out.

sir rob said...

There is nothing new when it comes to political bashing of your opponents but on the other side, we are indeed experiencing robust economy because of the current administration.

Jeatte Go said...

all we can do is hope and do our part. pnoy is just human.

Gil Camporazo said...

No one could ever stop the President of addressing everyone "Minamahal", that is a courtesy. And not all really hate the President. A practical example, just like what the people of ancient did to Jesus. Jesus is really the Savior of mankind, but yet the people crucified Him. And until now nobody has improved himself to be obedient to God's commandment.

William Rodriguez said...

Yes, he only inherited the problems from the past administrations, but it is not about time to blame anyone. All he have to do is to change or improve it.