Friday, August 10, 2012

Dr Scholl's Coupon Give-Away

Crazy Stepford Wives are giving away 8 Dr Scholl's Coupon packs starting 08/17/2012 and ending 08/24/2012.

To get a FREE Facebook Link, agree to post the giveaway post with rafflecopter and promote it at least twice in the giveaway.

To get a FREE Twitter Link, post an Announcement/Blogger Opp post.

Let everyone know to say who referred them, because those with the most will have the choice to host a fb or twitter page.

They are giving away 8 coupon packs of 1 $5/1 Dr Scholls Massaging Gel and 1 $4/1 Womens Gel. They are offering a free FB link to anyone who will post the giveaway RaffleCopter, A free Twitter Link to anyone who does an announcement post, and the opportunity to host a FB/Twitter page for those with the most referrals. If you do not want to post the giveaway or announcement, you can purchase these links for $1, or hosting page for $5.

Please visit this page for details

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