Wednesday, May 07, 2008

OJT Day 2

Hayyy Grabe!!! Day 2 na just when I thought na
okay na and I'm getting the hang of it.Ms Splenda
hands me a sheet of paper detailing some of the
mistakes and areas of improvement. Aminado ako
kasi kasalanan ko talaga sya. Kaya lang naiinis lang ako
kasi why couldn't they catch me at a good time.
I need to make 10 perfect calls na sunod sunod when
they do monitor me to be able to graduate from OJT week .
If not ma extend ako ng 1 week then pag di pa rin.
Maghahanap na naman ako ng work. Hayy sana makalusot
if not okay lang din kasi it just means its not meant for me.

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