Friday, February 08, 2008

Now It Can Be Told..

We are going home!!!! Philbert will be transferred to their
Makati office.I'm looking forward to it.. Initially to be
honest I wasn't really keen on him taking it. Kasi I really
thought that we would be growing old here and the kids
will grow up here. This was really not an easy decision
to uproot the kids again. We really thought about this
asked for counsell and prayed and prayed about it.

But something happened that changed
my mind and sealed the deal for us na sort of answered
prayer na rin. Joshwa wandered off again and I almost went
crazy looking for him. Dami pa namang child molesters na nagkalat
talagang maloloka na ako kakahanap.
Luckily someone found him but I told myself that's it.
can't go through this again.What if next time mawala na uli
si Joshwa tapos di ko na sya makita.
Then I told myself thy will be done Lord.
If you think mapapabuti
kami sa Manila then so be it.

At least sa Manila I could afford to hire someone
to help me look after Joshwa.
Then everything fell into place my mom was
able to find a home for us in such a short notice.
2 friends are going to help me find a job
if I should decide that I'm ready to work.

I'm looking forward to seeing my scrapbook friends,
visiting the newest malls and new places.

Wish us luck as we go through a new adventure
in Manila.


jeannycdj said...

hi leira.

congratulation for making such great decision. tc

diane said...

Hello Leirs!

I am so happy that you are coming back to Manila! Yey! I will finally see you sa May scrapfest!!! I miss you so much! Yay to you! God Bless you and your family!


Mickee said...

Good luck on this new chapter in your lives. Like you, I also let God lead our lives because He always knows best.

Mixednuts said...

Good luck in your transfer. At least it is home.

MrsPartyGirl said...

lucky you! :D jollibee everyday! (ay nagagawa niyo nga pala sa CA yun hehe!)

anyway, good luck on the transfer! *muah*

Munchkin Mommy said...

i could just imagine how scared you must have been when joshwa wandered off. :(

good luck on your move back to the philippines. there's no place like home! :D God bless you all! :)