Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Philbert's Tag

This tag is simple. If you feel comfortable and your better half does too, you can post a picture of him in your blog (but if not a description will do). May it be a baby picture anything that you like with the following:

1. First name: if he doesn’t like his name plastered all over the internet, a pet name will do.
2. How and where did you meet?
3. Characteristics
4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now.

My Husband's name is Philbert we met through Ginger.
Actually the real story is that Philbert WAS TRYING
to hook up with Ginger.Since Ginger just got out
of a 5 year relationship and was starting to guys
who I felt were not right for her.I offered to screen
this latest acquaintance of hers. So I met up with
him and found myself to be always talking to
him on the phone and having lunch with him.
Since his office was one jeepney ride away
from my home. I was thinking he's a nice
guy and Ginger would be lucky to have him.
I caught myself wishing I wish I have someone
like him in my life. Someone who is constant
and someone who will love me and really take
care of me. I asked Philbert in one of our
phone conversations what his type when it
comes to girls. He said that once he has met the girl
he will know that she's the one. He says that
every girl that he meets is a potential girl
for him. Syempre ako naman nagpapacute
eh ako potential din ba for you. Sabi nya hindi
kasi ang tingin ko sa yo bestfriend kasi di ba
bestfriend ka ni Ginger. (Those words
haunt him til now)

Then we had a foursome date
Philbert, Ginger, Jason and I. We rode a cab
and ate at Shakey's in Park Square I.On the
way to the venue Philbert who was seated in front
of the cab kept glancing at the back and I was like
wow he must really like Ginger he kept glancing
at her. The date ended and Philbert brought me
home. We set a day to go to Ginger's home
on June 19 so he could see where she lived.

The next day I asked Ginger what the deal
was.. Does she like him? She said that she thinks of
him only as a friend. I took it upon myself to tell him.
Since he became my friend na lang din. We decided
to try out my chat software. Here's some part of
the conversation..

Me: Bakit tingin ka ng tingin sa likod sabi ko
kay Ginger nakatingin ka sa kanya.Sabi nya
hindi daw ikaw sa kanya nakatingin sa akin daw.
Totoo ba yun??

Philbert:Oo sa yo ako nakatingin

Me: Why? Eh di naman ako ang pinopormahan mo ano
Hello!! Si Ginger di ba?

Philbert: Nag iba na eh.. Nakita ko si Ginger wala na akong
na feel wala nang dating ikaw pala gusto ko

Me: Tama bang sa chat ka magtapat kausap kita
araw araw. Lagi ka andito sa chat ka magtatapat

Philbert: Natotorpe ako eh.. Parang di ako bagay
sa yo. Pero promise ko lahat gagawin ko para
sa yo.Gusto kita.. sana gusto mo ako

Me: Di ako sasagot sa chat.Ituloy pa rin natin
ang lakad natin sa Sat pero instead of
going to Ginger's home mag mall tayo then
maybe we could talk about this.

June 19.. Our First Date the date we decided to
give US our try.

Philbert is a good person, very great
husband and the best father.He really takes care
of me and the kids.

I just hate it when he has one
of his PMS moods..I hate those computer games
hayyy pag nag computer na wala nang kilala.
I know dapat masaya ako kasi he doesn't go
out and walang bisyo. No one is perfect and thats
what annoys me talaga sa kanya..

Ten, Twenty or Thirty years from now. We will still
be together that I know. We will still be the same
couple who argues alot but will be holding hands and
hugging and being sweet when we know that no one is watching.
We will still say I love you to each other and I know
that our kids will be proud of us because after
all the storms and the trials and the tests that have
come our way we are still together.
I know because
I saw that example from my parents and my in laws.


MrsPartyGirl said...

ayan na nga ba sinasabi tungkol sa mga tulay-tulay na yan eh, hahaha!

i for one, have been following the story of your life. to say that you guys have gone through so much is an understatement! i admire you guys for the incredible way you have coped with all the trials and challenges that came your way.

to say the least, i'm sure lahat ng napagdaanan niyo will only serve to make your relationship stronger. magdasal na lang tayo na sana ma-obsolete kaagad ang pc games, hahaha!

more power to you guys and take care always. :)

diane said...

I tagged you leirs!