Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Home

Yes i'm home di pa ako nanganak..thanks so much sa mga nag iwan
ng messages at sa mga nagdasal para sa min. I just have to go
back for some tests and check up. Otherwise they won't be
expecting me till I give birth. I have to give my husband the
credit that he deserves he took care of everything without
complaint. I'm not ashamed to say it made me love him
even more.


diane said...

Thank God ok ikaw Leirs! I am really worried! Mag iingat ikaw parati ha? Take care of that precious one. Mwuah!

Liza said...

Thankfully you're back home. Just take things easy and rest until the baby arrives. We'll pray for both your safety.

Au Lim said...

hi Leirs! glad to know you are fine. hindi ko alam na may konting problems pala with your pregnancy. ingat lang sis...dahan-dahan sa diet :-D konti na lang...malapit na! take care! will include you both in may prayers.