Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Malu Fernandez Issue

So much has been said about this issue that I will not say so much anymore.
I will not go on a rampage and start attacking her and saying nasty
things about her. Others have already done that. Kulang na lang ipakulam sya..
People are up in arms and are ready to burn her effigy. Even resort to name
calling like pig, baboy and fat ass. (wag naman name calling) If we start
to resort to name calling then we'd be no different from her. One thing
I'm highly opposed to is people want to boycott her store. Sure I don't
like what she wrote but boycotting her strore is another matter.
Its not only her that will be affected. I see their point but by boycotting
her store we are not helping her employees. Mahirap nang mawalan ng trabaho
sa atin hirap ng buhay.Im not condoning what she did. What she did was
wrong and I say that again and again. Ayoko lang na madamay
ang ibang tao dahil kawawa talaga yung employees
if matuloy nga yung boycott.The bigger picture here is
the reality that its not that easy to look for a job in the
Philippines. My friend who is a college graduate lost her job
up to now nag apply pa rin hat more pa yung staff nya na
siguro di naman lahat nakatapos ng college.Like what I said wag nating idamay
empleyado nya. When we boycott her business at magsara
sino ba ang affected yung mga tao nya. May mga pinag aaral
yang mga yan may pinapapakain na mga anak.
Granting mag apply ng work but do you think sa hirap ng
buhay sa atin agad sila makakakita. Palagay ko hindi..
Can you tell their kids sorry boycott namin tindahan nya
saka na kayo kumain pag nakahanap ng work uli parents


noemi said...

I can't stand the name-calling either. I hope something can be done soon by Manila standard. It's their fault for not checking on her content.

Lee i. said...

I guess she was trying to be funny. But you can be funny naman without being insensitive. It's true that flights containing many of our returning kababayans from Dubai or HK or wherever can be "noisy" but she should've understood that they are like that because they are so excited to come home after toiling for years in a foreign land. Hay, naku! Uminit ulo ko, Leirs, but you are right, she does have employees pero someone should slap her Jo Malone-covered wrists.