Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I love to sing. I sing in the shower, i sing while
cooking and i sing while scrapbooking. The problem
is that I can't sing to save my life. If i have to
sing for my supper I would definitely starve to
death but I do it anyway. I remember one time
because I was so confident that my voice
was fine I decided to audition for the glee club
of course I didn't pass my explanation to myself
maybe they were already full.

My family has tried to tell me so many times that
I can't sing in many different ways.
I chose to stay in a great place called denial.
What made me come out of denial was Joshwa.
Whenever I tried to sing to him he would
cover his ears and when i was singing using
the Magic Sing he kept taking the microphone from

Maybe I should stick to what i'm good at nope
not dancing either just sit down and watch
from the sidelines and stick to clapping
for those that are really good at it.


atesienna said...

wag kang malungkot. may ka-duet ka na - ako! sobrang hindi ako marunong kumanta. hehehehehe

MommyBa said...

But I'm pretty sure you sound WAY MUCH better than MH! Hehehehe!