Friday, March 30, 2007


May spotting ako kaninang umaga.
I was literally speechless.. magkahalong kaba at
takot talaga naramdaman ko. I kept telling myself
Oh God! Lord please help me.. I called the midwife
and thank goodness she called back to tell me
not to panic observe the spotting and REST which means
no layas na talaga. Dapat punta na talaga ako sa
hospital tonight but she told me to observe and
wait kung masakit at unbearable and heavy
bleeding then I should go pero hindi just stay put.
I really, really wanted to see my friends
tomorrow although I told them na malabo na ako
makapunta talagang kinukulit ko talaga si Philbert
na ihatid ako maski sandali lang ako. But now
talagang grounded muna ako. Thankfully wala nang
spotting but still I'm on house arrest pa rin.


Jeff & Pia said...

Leirs, I hope you're feeling better now. You have to be more careful this time.

Btw, Josh is growing up real fast at paguwapo ng paguwapo huh!


kooky kay said...

I hope the spotting has not repeated na ...

My prayers are with you ...