Saturday, September 16, 2006

I know some of the readers are curious about
Joshwa and how he is thriving. Thankfully Joshwa
is doing so well I was so afraid that hewould have
a hard time but Joshwa is such a trooper.

He eats a lot better now rather than when
were in the Philippines andI swear that he actually
gained weight.He has tantrums yes but it has decreased
and still hyper but he is doing really well.

As for me I'm doing okay this is something that I prayed
for and I'm enjoying it. Of course the house is a mess
while Joshwa is awake and Philbert is terribly
OC about housekeeping I think he thinks he is married
to a Bree Van De Kamp while I think I can relate to
Lynette even I have 1 child and she 4( oh heck
having Joshwa hyper and all is equivalent to 2 1/2 kids)
trying to balance everything.

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