Friday, November 18, 2005


Was able to watch Constantine Maroulis
last night and I was blown away he was so good.

Constantine is so hot and sexy and he really
does have a good voice There is something
about him he has charisma and great stage

Music is about expression. Constantine
Maroulis knows how to not only express
emotion, but also provoke it. I admire his
ability to do whatever he feels right.

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Steph said...

Hello! first time ko to visit your blog. hindi kasi ako blog hopper talaga. I don't even visit my own blog that often... only when I have time to post.

Pwede ba kita i-link sa blog ko para naman mas mapadalas ang pag-visit ko sa blogsite mo.

by the way, inggit ako sa yo, napanood mo na si Constantine. I like him too. Pareho sila ni Bo Bice, magaling kumanta, gwapo at sexy! hehe