Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thank You

Sa mga nag greet sa akin either via text, email, ym, phone calls.
Thank you so much. Di nyo lang kung paano nyo ako pinasaya.
I was already dreading this day kasi ang dami kong good
memories pag birthday ko. Nasanay lang ako na andyan si
Philbert pag birthday ko pero ngayon wala sya.Pero God is
good kasi many people remembered to greet me...
2 sets of friends organized a birthday celebration for me
Something that has never happened before. Siguro God
is just trying to tell me na make new memories instead
of being sad because Philbert isn't here. Really comforting..
I spent time with Joshwa today and heard him talk without
being prompted. That was the best gift that I have received
today to see him starting to talk and verbalize.
Again, thank you so much.. To my 2 sisters Grishan and Rhanesa
I miss you both so much and I miss Brox also.. Parang maski
ang daming wala dito to celebrate with me. I know that wherever
they are.. (buhay pa sila ha nasa ibang bansa lang) Im sure
they would have wanted me to be there with them to celebrate
with them..

1 comment:

HanAgiRL said...

i don't remember if i greeted you but nonetheless, happy birthday! hope u had a good one :)