Friday, November 28, 2003

It takes the greatest effort to get out of bed in the morning.
I am tired all day, yet when night comes, sleep evades me.
I stare at the ceiling, wondering what has happened to my
life, and what will become of me. Nothing is getting done
at work. I have projects to complete, but I can't think. I try
to focus on my work, and I get lost. I keep wondering when
the boss will discover how little I have accomplished. Hon
does not understand. He keeps telling me to "snap out of it."
Everytime I think i'm going crazy i've tried to reach out
but no one would take my hand.. I'm lost, alone and afraid.
I'm irritable all the time, and yell all the time, then I feel
terrible later. Nothing is fun any more. I tried to tell my mother
even she thought that I lacked self confidence and she
suggested that it's mind over matter. Sometimes I think
about how fun it would be if i just jumped off the building.I
I am bored, but I feel like doing nothing. There are times,
when I'm alone, that I think that life is hopeless and meaningless,
and I can't go on much longer.


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